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eDocument Stations

• Welcome screen – custom home screen to include your name, logo, Twitter feed, etc.

• Media Wall – present websites, videos, images and PDF files simultaneously.

• E-literature station – view and email company brochures, coupons and other printed material to attendees on the spot. Literature can also be transferred to  a flash drive or printed on-site. Match games, puzzles and quizzes to provide interactive fun for your guests.

• Collect consumer data – custom fields can include name, email, zip code and any other preferences you request.

• Interactive Map – place markers on a map to show where guests can find your products and services. Put your product in place of the map and put markers on the product to showcase certain features.

• Timeline – allows you to show your company history and highlight videos or images of past events.  Let us do a free online demo with your company information to show all this technology has to offer!